Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cloudflare Announces Faster Internet Speed and More Secure Internet Access

On 11/11, Cloudflare announced the launch of for Android and iOS devices, for mobile device users to get faster internet access. Consider being able to access any webpage or app 3 times faster and safe in the knowledge that no one can snoop on which sites you’re visiting. Right now, unless you’re using the DNS resolver app, you can’t do that, even on websites that run https and have a green padlock in the address bar.

This isn’t the first time Cloudflare have launched a product on a numerologically-relevant date - the DNS resolver itself was started on April 1st, or 4/1 this year. is the fastest and secured DNS resolver app in the world as measured by DNSPerf that ranks such things. It was initially launched for Windows, MacOs and Linux computers, servers, routers, and browsers. This new launch brings the advantages of a fast, secure DNS resolver to mobile users on iOS and Android devices, a significant step given almost 50% of internet traffic is via mobiles.

So, what is a DNS resolver app and why should you care? The Domain Name System (DNS) is a directory of web addresses. In simple terms, it holds an IP address for every web-page on the internet. So, if you type into a browser the first thing that happens is the submission of a DNS request to obtain the IP address for, which is then used to find the appropriate web-page. Unfortunately, this system wasn’t designed with the volume and security issues of today’s internet usage. It’s a relatively slow process, and anyone monitoring the network you’re using can detect which sites you’re visiting even if your subsequent connection is encrypted with SSL (secure sockets layer).

Just as worrying is that it is perfectly legal for internet and network service providers to sell this information to third parties. Ever wondered how you see adverts for things you’ve recently searched on Google? This is how it works - by tapping into the DNS requests that most people don’t even know they’re making. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are salivating at the prospect of monetizing their users’ browsing history.

Cloudflare has recognized these rapidly growing issues and in collaboration with APNIC, one of five non-profits managing IP address allocations, have created an infrastructure that puts privacy first. KPMG has been retained by Cloudflare to ensure that information is secure and your browsing history is never sold for any purpose, including ad-retargeting. If you are at all concerned about faster internet speed or your ISP viewing, storing and selling your internet browsing history, it seems you can now do something about it.

As of 11/11, making the DNS resolver app available on iOS and Android means you can now extend these speed and security benefits to your mobile devices as well as your computers, servers, and routers. If you needed any more convincing that this is a service you should check out straight away, you should know it is free to use and so easy to set up that no technical knowledge or skill is required. You just need to be able to access your Settings app and follow the simple instructions available at, where else,

Is now the time to make your internet speed faster and more secure before browsing any further?

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