Thursday, September 13, 2018

Samsung Galaxy F: Folded vision or folded display

Since the curve as well as the ever so sleek looking Apple iPhone – ever since, all of us consumers have been receiving is maybe a better camera, however, it's merely been software updates for an elevated price. The decision these days is should I put a down payment on a car or buy the latest phone.

Now with Apple remaining consistent in sales, upcoming competitors ranging in and to top it all off the S9 series not reaching the sales expectancy in the last quarter they have teased us with the folding phone again – although this time being closer than last as well as a possible sighting in the mere future – November to be exact. All they are leaving us to question is whether it will be “X” or “F” to follow the word galaxy leaving the rest true to its name – the universe to wonder.

As far as 2011 – the first rumour or leak was said about the all bendable, flexible and foldable Galaxy “X” or “F” or previously having the code name of Project Valley, leaks have been coming out although with the diminishing sales, we have thought it to be a way of keeping customers loyal – now with an unclear release date, it’s becoming somewhat a bit more than a fantasy as well as con’s follow the more useful ruler.

  • This is what has been rumored about the phone:
  • Bendable, foldable as well as flexible
  • Battery (with a maybe capacity of 6000mAh)
  • Debate between release date – November as well as early 2019 (Maybe January, beginning the year with a bigger bang than New Year’s fireworks)
  • Price? Likely to be one of the numerous expensive phones around

Now with the price in mind, I do think that the thought process might change from a down payment of a car to an actual purchase of a decent second-hand car or the new bendable phone.

With cons in mind, however – there is a slight debate as to the usefulness between that and a tablet as the last time it was mentioned left us with a production line of tablets as the expected specs according to are as follows:

  • Performance = Quadcore 
  • Display = 12.7cm (5.0”)
  • Storage = 128GB
  • Camera = 18MP
  • Battery = 4000mAh
  • Ram = 6GB
  • OS (Operating System) = Android v 7.0(Nougat)
  • Single Sim 
  • With Sensors such as Light, Proximity, Accelerometer

With this Samsung Version of a pocket notebook – leaves us pondering almost a bit of everything as well as a price limit that could possibly help you purchase a vehicle. I wonder if they are creating an innovative design or something that is limited for a certain consumer. Just like handmade cars or limited edition, this might make a certain craze although for a limited amount of people for just as there is a scare on the price there is also a leak which may suggest that only a certain amount may be made.

This suggesting that Samsung may be upping its game although not for the volume of people. iPhone creating a cheaper version of their phones and Samsung doing the opposite. Leaves myself and many others pondering whom the Winner of this David and Goliath of electronics battle will be.

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