Monday, September 3, 2018

Now more affordable than ever, Get an Xbox One today on a monthly plan

Microsoft is revolutionizing the way we buy gaming consoles. They are doing this through their newly announced All Access financing program. The 24-month program, which includes either an Xbox One X or an Xbox One S, has made buying one of the two models brand new something every gamer could afford.

The way in which Microsoft is hoping to expand the market to more Xbox buyers is through their original, newly developed Xbox package. This includes:
  • An Xbox One X or One S gaming console
  • A 24-month Xbox Game Pass
  • 24-month Xbox Live Gold access

The greatest part of this program is that it is paid monthly. No more spending up to $500 in one goes to get yourself the console. The Xbox One X program is available at $34,99 per month, with an even more affordable package for the Xbox One S available for as little as $21,99 per month, paid off over 24 months.

The Xbox One X vs. The Xbox One S

The only significant difference between the One X and its little brother, the One S, is that the One X offers the 4K resolution. Depending on what television you currently own and given that you aren’t planning on buying a new one soon, this can serve as an indication of which of the two consoles will be best suited to your gaming needs. The One X also has slightly better CPU power, its Jaguar Evolved 8-core clocking up to 2.3 GHz. This isn’t a massive step up from the One S’s regular Jaguar 8-core, coming in at 1.75 GHz. The One X has 384-bit memory compared to the 256-bit of the One S, but in the end, both are great gaming consoles and improvement on their predecessor, the Xbox One.

Xbox Game Pass

One of the most fabulous features of Xbox is their games catalogue, known as the Xbox Game Pass. With the new All Access finance plan, you will receive access to this library, which has over a hundred games listed. More games are added each month, further expanding your options and allowing you to keep up with any new releases. Dead Space 3, For Honor and Forza Horizon 2 were just some of the new titles that became available in August. The much-anticipated Halo: The Master Chief Collection is being added in September this year, with many more exciting new additions to be announced soon.

Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold is the deluxe version of Xbox Live and has better multiplayer functionality. It also includes a monthly bonus of free games and exclusive member discounts on certain games on the Xbox store. With it, you can get really up to your multiplayer gaming and expand your in-game playing options.

The All Access finance plan is not a rent system, which means that once it has been paid in full after the stipulated 24-month period, you get to keep your Xbox One console. The offer may not be available in all countries, and Microsoft has announced that this outstanding new offer is exclusive to Microsoft Stores, but buyers have been warned that stocks are limited, so time is of the essence if you want to get hold of this fantastic deal.

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