Monday, September 3, 2018

Facebook is Testing “Things in Common”: A New Feature to Discover Similarity between Users

The New Label will tell you more about non-friends who share similar interest when you read through public posts.

Friends share certain things in common. This is what the World’s largest social site network is trying to bring to the doorstep of its 2 billion users. There is a wide range of commonalities between people on Facebook which may be due to college history, workplace and many more. In most cases, chances are that you’ll comment on the same public post without realizing that you attended the same college. Chances are that users may stumble over comments on posts from colleagues in the workplace or members of a public group. Well, the ability to know such commonalities has been kept beyond the reach of those who use Facebook for some time. 

According to Cnet, the company seeks to persuade Facebook to make new friends based on things they share in common. Meanwhile, the “Things in common” Label is still undergoing the test.

One unique feature of the new label is that it will only apply to public posts. In this case, Facebook users will see a label above the comments on what is common between them and other people who commented on the post. For instance, as you browse past the comments on any given Facebook page, you’ll see if your college mate or workplace colleagues who’re not in the list of your friends. This is just part of the attempt that the Social Network is making to enable users to discover similar interest as they interact. Notably, new tools had been rolled out earlier by the company to allow mentors and mentees in Facebook Groups meet. 

The primary purpose of the “Things In Common” feature will be to combat fake account creation on Facebook. In the recent history, the company has faced significant criticism regarding data harvesting and sharing. Facebook was part of a scandal that affected over 87 million users. The privacy concerns were raised when Cambridge Analytica used Kogan’s app “this is your digital life” to misappropriate personal data on Facebook. While Cambridge Analytica claimed to have deleted the data, the concerns over protection from friend’s personal details and data remain bold amidst the desire to test the new feature.

The move to connect non-friends through the things in the common label is just part of the current Facebook offer that must be subjected to scrutiny to limit the loopholes that result in access to private data. Having your friend requests sent to specific persons based on commonalities is a great way to improve the connection between Facebook users. Therefore, the role of this new feature in safeguarding personal data and enhancing civil connection makes it be one of the significant milestones in the social media industry. Since the new feature is still in its initial process of testing, only a limited number of Facebook users access the Things in Common Label in their Facebook Accounts. Meanwhile, the test has revealed that the users do not have the option to change the setting of the new feature from the comment section in case they’re not interested in knowing the commonalities between them and other users.

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