Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The totally over-whole musical App: Talk of the TikTok App

The dawn of has finally come. Well not entirely but almost. for those unfamiliar with it is an app allowing the user to record a short video with music for a background syncing their lips with the song. Yes it appears that is merging with the 2016 app TikTok. 

However, the success of the app, it still wasn’t enough. The 4 years old app had around 100 million users, while the new TikTok app has about 500 million users despite being more modern. Apparently, the chines company which owns TikTok has bought the old for 1 billion us dollars. This is a relevantly big difference considering how popular was a couple of years ago in the US. However not to worry, this change the two companies have agreed on, has its own purpose! Since the two apps are created for the same reason and are complementary, it would be great to see two corporate giants working as one! Another good thing about the merging is that none of the users have complained about it and more or less support the decision the companies have made. Alex Zhu stated that the TikTok app represents the short nature of the video platform as in a ticking clock and well… we know what’s purpose was up until now.

TikTok gained boost over the years mainly among the iOS users. Maybe Android users decided to stick to the, but sad news for those who knew well and loved the app. After the update, you will no longer have access to the app, and the icon will automatically change. The good news, however, is that all of the previous account settings will be preserved and nothing will change. The difference here is that an addition has been made: There will be an alert for the users who have been active in the app for two hours during the day. Nice addition I would say, preventing us from over-using our phones as well.

On the other hand, it seems like we will be getting the closest thing to Vine by merging this two apps. This by any means is not a bad thing. Personally, I still enjoy watching vines while eating snacks and drinking cola.

But why really that sudden change? Well as mentioned above they are very similar, but they are also joining forces to create one big powerhouse ready to overtake the market and the whole media creator world. However, with YouTube and Twitch, I cannot see that ever happening, or at least not any time soon. But who knows, a sudden change of heart might appear in the whole of mankind.

To conclude everything, both apps apparently have been great even on their own. One in China, TikTok, and among the iOS users, with also being the most popular and downloaded app in the iOS market only after a few months after its release. While the other well-known being the most popular one in the US. Lets also not forget that even dominated Vine for a while, after its fall. So having all of that in mind what do we have here? Presumably a total powerhouse ready to dominate the phones of many teenagers and even adults. But it really has what it takes to make it to the top is yet unclear.

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