Sunday, August 5, 2018

Send Whatsapp Messages to Groups: A Siri Lifehack

iOS users are now enjoying a full range of choices when it comes to what they can do with their devices. When it was launched in 2011, making artificial intelligence closer within reach to individual users, the Siri app introduced a lot of integrated functions. Seven years later, we have seen numerous updates that keep on pushing boundaries. It gained a great deal of competition in the market, and it may still be far behind its more advanced counterparts, but Apple is now slowly getting back on track, adding useful functions gradually and making more integrations possible. One of these is its integration with Whatsapp messenger.

You may remember in 2016 when the messenger app added a feature where you can quickly send messages or give a call to anyone in your contacts through Whatsapp messenger app. You have to say the command to Siri. We can’t do this with other messenger apps aside from iMessage, which is builtin for all iPhone users. However, despite this newly added function through Siri, it still felt quite limited because it didn’t allow us to do the same to Whatsapp group chats. Many of us were confused because it looks pretty the same as sending messages to individual contacts (or at least to us who know close to nothing about how these things work). This is such a shame because so much time could have been saved had they included such update, especially for those who are extremely busy with their work and businesses. 

We don’t have to worry anymore because, with the Whatsapp update, we can now enjoy more possibilities with both Siri and Whatsapp messenger. Sending messages to groups using the virtual assistant is now possible. Just like all the other functions, we have to say the command in the usual format:

“Hey Siri, send a message to [group name]”

You no longer have to click or touch anything, which is pretty convenient when you are doing something else at work or driving. To add more to this remarkable thing you can do with Siri, we’re going to give you another lifehack. When you are composing a message through Siri, and there’s an error, you have to say the command “Change it” and Siri will then allow you to tell your message again. This will save you a lot of time in turning the app off and then go to the messenger app to edit or send it back. You can even ask Siri so it can read your messages aloud. Imagine being very busy, whether it is at home or your office that you no longer can go to your phone to see who texted. This won’t be a problem anymore. 

Apart from sending messages to group chats or editing your words, there are also other things that you can do with Siri. From the conversion of units to solving math problems to deleting your anniversary with your past relationships, you will enjoy a lot of functions that are not usually known to a lot of people. The Whatsapp update is just an example of the fantastic things you can do with the virtual assistant.

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