Monday, July 23, 2018

Opera Browser Made Better: Install Chrome Extensions

Opera browser is a free web browser and has a handy free virtual private network (VPN) which make it better than other browsers. 

Why choose opera browser?

Opera browser is the only browser with a virtual private network. This is a very unique feature which makes it outstanding. Other browsers for instance like Google’s much-lauded Chrome allow download extensions to provide VPN, but Opera browser has this functionality in the product. With the Opera browser, users are exposed to pay for VPN. It also serves better users who want to connect securely to web-based services in a way which cannot be snooped on. 

Opera browser also makes browsing better and easier. Even though many features offered by this browser are available in other software, in 0pera you will find them from the start. There is no need of going to search for suitable extensions created by third-party developers of software.

The opera browser has the following features:

The first feature is the virtual private network (VPN). As common to all opera features, it is very easy to use. Just confirm the enable VPN option in the security and privacy settings.

Visual bookmarks is another other feature. It is used in keeping track to the websites you had opened, but you did not read thoroughly. It is a necessary tool for people who do online research and may need to revisit read pages.

It has a currency converter feature. It is handy when shopping online for comparing prices. More ideal if you want to buy overseas. 

Turbo feature is another opera browser fantastic feature. This is used to upload websites to your device. The feature help in limiting power consumption making your battery last even longer. 

Lastly, it also creates an environment with no pop-up advertisement. It is useful if you hate ads appearing on the way of what you are searching. 

Although the Opera browser has excellent features, it has a shortage of essential extensions we depend on to customize the internet to our needs. For this reason, the Opera browser company has enabled support for Google Chrome extensions.

This is how you install- Google chrome extension in opera browser:

The Opera extensions are only meant for opera browser. This means that they cannot be supported- by other browsers. This is not the case with the extensions “Install Chrome Extensions.” It is able to adopt a Google Chrome- extension to make it is possible to become usable in the Opera browser.

To install the “Install Chrome Extensions,” first you need to open the Opera browser. Then click on the Menu which is in the top left corner of the screen. Find the option called “Get extensions.” In the search area just enter the name “Install Chrome Extensions” which is how the extension is called. Then open the extension click the button “Add to opera.”

After successfully complete installation, the Opera browser is now set for install the extension which was for Google Chrome originally. 

When installing Chrome extension, visit Google Chrome Web Store using the Opera browser. Then choose the extension you wish to install. Click the button “Add to Opera” which is in the top- right of the window which has opened. After doing this, the extension will be added among the list of the installed ones by the Opera browser. Please note that without the user confirming it cannot be activated in the opera- extensions- store in which it should be manually activated. 

Click on Menu -> Extensions -> Extensions manager to find the extension you did add from Chrome and click the “Install” button. The extension will be available for use after complete installation.

Many people want to know what happened to Chrome plugins in Google Chrome.

Google removed the Chrome plugins page. The only remaining plugin is the flash player. The changes make the flash player to easily discoverable in settings. It has the options of disabling in the settings. When you go to pages that need a plugin to will ask for your permission. After agreeing the plugin will download and install

Google Chrome extensions for Opera browser has worked very well with many extension installed. The users are happy with the experience. The only weakness with this extension is that it is not possible to install Chrome web apps.

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