Monday, July 2, 2018

Games with gold for July 2018: Xbox One and Xbox 360

When you purchase Xbox Live Gold, you can get so many great benefits if you are an Xbox One or Xbox360 user. Not only do you get multiplayer function (which everyone loves); exclusive deals with up to 75% off selected games (what’s not to love); chat and party chat, great demos, sports apps and live TV and entertainment apps. But you also get access to 2 hand-picked, awesome and totally free games every month, these games are either big hits, new visions or fan favourites. Let’s look at the best Xbox Gold has to offer for Xbox One and Xbox 360, free games for July 2018.

1. Assault Android Cactus: Xbox One

Is a brilliant arcade style game which is set in a vivid and dramatic sci-fi universe. In this epic, old school styled, challenging and fast paced game full of fire and bullets, you get the choice of great characters and loads of transforming stages for you to tackle and overcome. If you love on screen chaos, then this game will be perfect for you. Assault Android Cactus can be tough but also offers hours of great shooting fun for small kids and big kids alike from age 4 onwards, but you’ll still love it at age 50. Just remember – don’t let your battery run flat! 

2. Death Squared: Xbox One

If you are a real puzzle game head then Death squared is most definitely the one for you. If you’ve got friends that love puzzle games just as much as you - then that is all the better because this game really is better if you play it with a few friends. Death Squared might be described as repetitive by some, but all great puzzle heads know that the best puzzle games are often repetitive, deceptively simple and totally addictive. Make Death Squared the new poker night and add a few chips, dips, some great company, and a robot explosion or two.

1. Virtua Fighter 5: Xbox 360

If you love classic fighting games then this is the one for you. This is supposedly the last version of this game and it’s probably the best. There are more characters in this version and you have some new, really awesome, great fighting arenas. In Virtua Fighter 5, you get the real essence of real fighting and the 3 button fighting system is really easy to learn and master. If you are a fan of fighting games then this game is fantastic and if you are not a fan of fighting games - then this game is still fantastic because it’s so stunning.

2. Splinter Cell Conviction: Xbox 360

This is a great game if you love to be mentally challenged and really think! You are a fugitive, hiding from, and hunted by, the government you used to work for. This game works on the concepts of mentally figure out, adapt and overcome. This is a really smooth and dynamic game to try and the game play is really easy to learn and master. Splinter Cell Conviction offers some real great and serious action.

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