Friday, July 13, 2018

ASO Debunked: ASO Cheats, Techniques and Secrets That You Should Know About

Every day, app developers create more than 2,500 applications, which are then placed on the App Store. At the moment the total number of applications available on app store stands at a whopping 6.5 million. Such vast amounts render the process of app discovery almost impossible, especially for the new and upcoming applications. 

However, one question that you should be asking yourself is how did some of these developers make it to the top, with so much ease. Majority of the well-established developers do not abide by the rules stipulated by the app store, mainly because most of them discovered a backdoor that they can use to boost their rankings on the app store, whenever they decide to. 

The black hat ASO tricks are what makes them hit the charts so quickly. The success of every application relies on what is widely known as ASO (App Store Optimization). For those who are not familiar with ASO, it is merely the process of optimizing mobile applications to rank higher within the search result of the App Store. 

The higher the ranking of an application on the app store, the higher the visibility of the application to potential customers. Increased visibility translates typically to higher traffic to the developer's page on the App Store. 

However, it is essential to mention that ASO alone cannot get you to the top and thus, to hit the charts, you should also employ a few dirty ASO secrets that most developers are currently using. Today, we are giving you the top four black hat ASO cheats and secrets that you can use to hit the charts and also improve the overall ranking of your application on the App Store. 

1. Incentivized App Store Reviews

Those who have been extra keen, have already realized that some applications garner top keyword searches and reviews, a few days after the developers post them on App Store. It is important to note that most of these reviews and searches are not generic but somewhat fake, considering most of these developers opt for incentivized reviews to boost the overall rating and standing of their apps. 

Incentivised or fake reviews play a significant role in assisting these applications to improve their ranking on the app store. Several years ago, Apple successfully ran a campaign against developers who ran incentivized app reviews and installs by offering virtual currency in exchange for the reviews and downloads for their applications.

In their guidelines, Apple states that “Any developer who attempts to cheat or manipulate the chart ranking or user reviews in the App store using paid or fake reviews, or alternatively uses any other inappropriate or unacceptable technique will be banned from the developer program.” 

2. Inaccurate Data

Several ASO tools have recently emerged, pointing out that the accuracy of their data cannot be matched. Nonetheless, the biggest question is: just how accurate are these ASO tools? To get over this uncertainty, we highly encourage developers to use at least two different tools to compare the data provided by these tools. 

Though it might prove to be quite demanding, developers need to be extra careful when using just one App Store Optimisation tool, with nothing else to measure its level of accuracy. With the assistance of Apple Search Ads, it's much easier to verify any information these days. 

One of the SEO tools which give out inaccurate data is Sensor Tower. When the data provided by Sensor Tower is analyzed against data provided by AppTweak and Mobile Action, one can quickly establish that Sensor Tower offers the least accurate results. Unlike Sensor Tower, Mobile Action delivers the most accurate results, especially when it comes to competition search and search volume.

3. Downloads with Keyword Searches

Through downloads with keywords, users download apps through the search query instead of directly from the App Store. When done in multitudes, Downloads with keyword searches will not only affect the keyword traffic but will also result in higher click-through rates.

There are several companies online which offer these services. However, app developers should also be aware that there are several companies which will charge you more for these services than the standard rates. By more, we mean sums of up to $1,000.

4. Too Many Experts

At present, there are hundreds of players in the market, who claim to be the sharpest tool, when it comes to ASO. Basically, some experts claim that ASO works and then there are others who claim that it does not work. Each of these two groups has their own reasons, why they support ASO or are against it. ASO companies which deliver results are the ones who base their strategies on the experience that they received throughout the years.

These experiences should revolve around the ability to increase downloads from 100 to around 150 percent or more. If you are looking for a reliable ASO company, you should be able to inquire about their ASO advanced strategies. Moreover, you should also assess their knowledge when it comes to ASO.

It is essential for app developers to understand that the methods discussed above will aid them in getting significant traffic to their applications especially at the beginning of their campaign. However, it is crucial to point out that these strategies do not have a lasting effect.

Based on experience, any campaign that will last for a long time is one that combines numerous ASO strategies and techniques, i.e., free to play campaigns, reviews and search bots. For those individuals who may try to do everything discussed above on their own, it is important to note that many developers are widely using these techniques and thus, the results might end up being completely different from what you expected.

This, in turn, does not imply that App Store Optimisation is dead. ASO is still a viable technique considering it is an excellent way of boosting visibility. All App developers need to have is the skill to counter these Black Hat secrets and techniques, and also they also need to know when to stop.

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