Sunday, July 22, 2018

Amazing features of Android 9.0 Pie

Android P (Pie) is a mobile operating system developed by Google with features which makes a smartphone even smarter. It has machine learning and artificial intelligence in its operating system. Android P can learn from and adapt to the user. The following are the new amazing features of Android P which will interest you.

1. Helping you in phone battery management

This feature uses artificial intelligence to help save your phone battery. AI look at the way you usually use your smartphone. Then it will figure out the apps you will use in the next few hours and those which you will use later. It will arrange the running apps into groups. The groups have different restrictions ranging from most active to rare active. Those apps which are not active will have limitations. This feature will make your battery last longer and help you get the most out of your battery.

2. Smart reply in notification to respond to notification fast and directly

With this feature of Android P, opening the full app is not a must. You can instantly reply from the notification area. It will suggest smart replies, and then you can make your replies from there. You can block specific form of notification which you don’t them to appear in your phone. A red minus sign will be displayed to those applications you usually dismiss. Also, smarts reply will you allow to quickly reply to messages through notification area.

3. Prevent the user from been addicted to a phone

It is able to understand users habit and suggest to users to switch off their phones. This will help prevent phone addictions. Also, it will help to get time to be with our families and perform other activities. These are features such dashboard, app timer and wind down.

The dashboard will show you how long and what you have been doing with the phone. Hours you spend on the phone each day notification you have received in total among others.

App timer will allow you to be specific on the time you want to spend on an app. It will warn you when the time is almost over and closes the app when the time is up.

Wind down will enable night light mode at the time set for bed. It will also turn to no disturb mode which silence notifications and calls.

4. App slices facilitate performance of application activities outside the app

The feature will help you perform important tasks. You do not need to open the app to accomplish this tasks. It will bring into google search results part of the app.

5. Phone screen brightness adjustment to levels which suits you

With this feature of Android P, you don’t have to adjust your smartphone screen because the phone will do it for you. This feature enables your phone to do adaptive brightness. It learns your adjustments trends using machine learning. Through it can automatically set the brightness of your screen to the level that suits you. This will help in saving time and battery.

6. Switching between apps by use of gesture navigation

Android P does not have the navigation buttons, but instead, it has a single pill shaped icon which uses navigation gestures. Also instead of taps icons, it is using swaps.

In this feature, the pill-shaped perform almost exactly like the old home button. Rounded tiles are used to pack the quick setting. The clock is on the left. You are required to press and hold tiles to dive into a section of the relevant setting app. It is still possible to toggle setting on or off.

7. New screenshots enabling taking and editing screenshots

With this feature, it is possible to make a screenshot and immediately edit and share them using the screenshot editor. Also, the screenshot button is added to the power menu. This means that struggling with power +volume down button is no longer necessary. It also presents an option to doodle and crop on the image.

8. Ability to perform for than a single task simultaneously

This is a feature of Android P where you can access streams from two or more physical cameras simultaneously. It has also been improved to reduce delay during initial capture.

Android P has good more other features such as you can use apps without actually downloading them.

There are changes in the visuals. It is displaying in white and blue colors and also everything is circled.

Another feature is that in Android P volume control goes up and down rather than across to match the volume buttons on the phone.

Android P has made auto rotation much easier. When the phone is rotated, the button of auto-rotate appears in the navigation bar.

With Android P you can quickly create a website. It contains which can use to create a website for your blog, business and so much more.

Android P also has new security features aimed at enhancing security. These are the likes of dialog, unified fingerprint- authentication and others.

The above-discussed features are the most fantastic feature of Android P which makes it a unique technology.

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