Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vampyr is up and Running on Xbox One

Your wish has been granted, my friend. All those who have been missing this game of fear and darkness on their Xbox One, it’s time you shout out in glee. Vampyr is has been launched as one of the new Xbox One games and it is available for all you gamers.

You can purchase this new Xbox One game for $59.99 and start your sinful journey now.

For those who are not aware already, let me introduce Vampyr to you. If you have a lust for thrill and horror, this game from Dontnod Entertainment is something you’ll be thankful for. When a life-saving doctor is reborn as a blood-thirsty vampire, boundless terror is what you can expect. It’s a war between mortals and an immortal, a story of hunter and his prey. Will he submit to his hunger or resist it? Play it and know it for yourselves.

The player (read doctor) decides his course of action – merciful or demonic. He can unlock and upgrade his powers as a vampire and cause bloodshed along his trail. Vampyre is much more exciting than it sounds and you definitely need to add it to your list of new Xbox One games to buy. We will have our review of Vampyr later. Happy Gaming!

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