Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Top 3 games coming to Xbox One

Xbox releases a couple of games weekly. Although Xbox makes compilations for its new Xbox One games, it often misses mentioning and giving highlights of upcoming Xbox One games. If gaming is your thing, we have you covered. Here is the list of top three Xbox one games worth checking out. The NieR: Automata, The Crew 2, and Captain Spirit Xbox one games are among the best releases. We hope as you check them out, you will be able to improve your gaming experience. We have tested and handpicked these Xbox games for you, so you just need to get started. Let us give you more insights about each of these top three games.

NieR: Automata E3 trailer, Become as Gods Edition

An enhanced Xbox games release, NieR: Automata, a development by PlatinumGames is upcoming in the new release of the forthcoming Xbox games. This is a masterpiece for Xbox gaming mercenaries. In this Xbox game is an ambush by invaders using lifeforms of machines. This Xbox one game is a story to reclaim man’s glory after being exiled from the earth by machine lifeforms. Androids A2, 9S, and 2B are on a human sent a mission to recover the planet taken over by mechanical beings. The Android soldiers are out to destroy the invaders.

Catch the moments of the raging war between androids and machine and discover the truths long unknown to the world. The variety of fighting weapons will make your experience of the game one of its kind. NieR: Automata will let you switch weapons as you advance in the levels of the battle, learning advanced combat skills as you customise your style of playing.

The Crew 2

Continue with the racing series of Ubisoft with Xbox games release of standard edition The Crew 2 into the directory of new Xbox one games. With improved visuals, draw distances, and a new engine, The Crew 2 is going to transform the gaming world. The vehicles the feature in this Xbox one games release are suitable for any sort of race worth taking part in the entire U.S. One can take advantage of the planes, the cars, monster trucks, boats, and motorcycle and enjoy every bit of the gaming experience.

The Crew 2 cultures a spirit that appreciates the American Motorsports giving you the power to sail in the sea, fly in the air or drive on land as you experience the terrains and the beauty of the American nation. Compete in any race with The Crew 2, taste and put your skills to the limits with the variety of driving options. This is another Xbox one cinematic trailer to transform your world.

Captain Spirit’s awesome adventures

Being a superhero can be one the most exciting experiences in life. Captain Spirit is one the upcoming Xbox one games that will transform your world of reality into a virtual world of fantasy as you encounter Chris, a 10-year-old boy in a world of adventure. What is more is the free release of the remarkable escapades of Captain Spirit on PlayStation 4 on June 26th. The game will be available for free downloads in various platforms available. Obviously, you would not afford to miss a moment. This Xbox game is an insight of the nature of the upcoming “Life is Strange 2.”

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