Monday, June 11, 2018

Rover App: The Best Dog Boarding and Walking App (Android & iOS)

Rover app is an app created for you by the Dog PeopleTM. It comes with a lot of features such as tracking of your dog walk with a remote GPS tracker, sharing of endearing photos. Rover has provided an easy avenue for pet owners to book pet sitters they can give maximum trust be able to message them while away and equally track their progress. With the Rover app managing your pet business just got easier. You can book and as well pay your hired pet care through the app. What else is more comfortable than that!

The Rover app is available in Android and iOS. By this, it is available to a broader scope of users. Considering now that we have over 100,000 pet sitters across the United States and Canada.

The Rover on a high scale links you to affordable and trustworthy pet boarding professionals in case you need to travel for some days and leave your dog in good hands. Dog boarding equally provides you with the training you need for your dog if that is the service you want. Here are the reasons why the Rover app is the best option for you.


Using the Rover app is effortless. The interface is user-friendly, and anyone can understand and make use of it quickly without any difficulty. You still get the following benefits :
  • You can hire a dog walker through the app.
  • With the instant messaging feature, both the dog owners and the dog walkers can contact themselves when need be for secure work delivery.
  • Get the distance and the area covered by your dog with feeding alerts through the app. Tracking just got a lot easier and at your own comfort.
  • All the time secured payment. Why worry as a dog sitter, when your payment is already secured.
  • Both parties benefits. With professional dog walkers linked to dog owners and well-secured payment to the dog walker, what else is more natural.


There is nothing more comfortable than having in mind that the people you are working with are highly trusted. The Rover app is highly secure because we build our reputation on trust. With the following qualities you can testify to that:
  • Our services reviewed that received a perfect 5-star rating is equivalent to 95 per cent. This shows that users are convenient with the services they get.
  • Rover can only give you the best sitter for your dog. With this, the statistics of acceptance is below 20 per cent of applied dog sitters. This shows we do not play with your dog for he deserves the best. The Rover app guarantees you premium insurance for any service you may have booked on the app. What more services assurance do you need. This is equally backed with a guarantee on reservation and all round the clock support.
  • There is always a customer care representative from the Rover app waiting to hear your complaint or recommendation. If you think something is going the wrong direction, just contact the customer care and stay happy with your Rover app experience.


The features found on the Rover app are just way too on point for you to miss out. They are enticing and engaging enough to make sure you do not get bored with your job. Whether as a dog sitter or a dog owner, you have these features to enjoy:
  • Share media files such as videos, photos and messages as you perform your duty. Just simple and interesting.
  • You can share information quickly with your clients by effortlessly creating Rover Cards.
  • Response to booking requests can be made a lot easier and faster by enabling the push notification.


The Rover app has gained an excellent reputation by appearing on several press releases. This makes it recognised and trusted. It has appeared in the:
  • New York Times
  • USA Today
  • ABC News
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Today Show and more.
  • The Rover app was correctly developed for the services it offers.

Get the Rover, get the best care for your dog. It engages more users across iOS and Android platforms. You can get it on your iPhone / Android Smartphone using the links below:

Download Rover App for iOS 
Download Rover App for Android

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