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Review: Raging Justice, State of Decay 2, and Cities: Skyline Natural Disasters - Xbox One Games

The Xbox One and the PS4 are two of the world’s best gaming consoles, and it is easy to see why. However, there are a plethora of reasons why we love Xbox games and new Xbox games on a weekly basis. Apart from the fact, Xbox’s backward compatibility feature which means you get to play games of earlier versions on latest console quality and supports 4K Blu-Ray and TV integration. The Xbox One gives players the complete gaming package and immerses you in a world of gaming like you’ve never experienced before. Three of the games up for discussion today include Raging Justice, State of Decay 2 and Cities: Skyline – Natural Disasters.

Raging Justice

Raging Justice is one of those games that immerse the player into a world of crime and chaos. This Action/Adventure 2D game developed by Makin Games brings back the classic kicking and screaming genre back into the 21st Century gaming-verse. Its storyline speaks of three Mavericks, Nikki, Rick Justice and Rage trying to prove that no one is above the law in a city ruled by mysterious crime lord known as Big Smoke City.

This game features bone-crunching combat as players battle their way through adrenaline-fueled two-dimensional carnage with classic fighting. Also, players have the option to choose between playing by the book or becoming a genuine outlaw. By playing by the books, players decide to arrest foes as opposed to arming themselves and delivering their own form of justice by becoming an outlaw.

Besides, there are a plethora of weapons available to players. Fights range from smashing through a bar using a stool or slashing to hacking your way through alleys using a knife or mowing down mobs using a lawnmower. With the local co-op feature, this game offers players a chance to enlist a partner to join them on their carnage with the local co-op feature. However, amidst all the mayhem, be careful not to put down your opponent as you will fall prey to the anarchy that comes with friendly fire.

Finally, forgetting all those above, you can try to become the best cop but can you withstand the tension. Playing on Xbox One, this game will drive you insane, literally!

State of Decay 2

Yet another mesmerizing Xbox One masterpiece, State of Decay 2 available in 4K Ultra HD is a game jam-packed with action and adventure. The setting is one year from today – small-town America. Civilization has fallen, and humanity now stands on the brink of extinction due to the dead rising back to life. You aim to gather survivors with whom you will build a community while exploring your legacy and redefining what survival means.

With this open-world game, you have a lot of space which can be used in building bases, developing characters and managing resources to survive as a group in this zombie-stricken world. The game features RPG progression, four-player multi-player co-op which allows you to play with up to three friends as opposed to playing solo. The game also supports Xbox Play Anywhere which means it can be played anywhere on Windows 10 or Xbox One, even though PC hardware requirements may vary from games to game.

The game supports HDR functionality, is Xbox One X enhanced and can be updated by downloading content updates when released. In this post-apocalyptic zombie-verse, every action you take, every place you go and everything you do attracts consequences.

Cities: Skyline – Natural Disasters

This strategy game released this year was published by Paradox Interactive was developed by Colossal Order and is an earth-shattering masterpiece which features a list of catastrophes which challenge players who feel like they have mayoral qualities to rebuild while planning with emergency routes and early warning systems, disastrous and cataclysmic effects, and caring for the population. This strategy game which can be updated regularly comes with expansions that add a new scenario editor and a new gameplay mode that makes it possible for players to win the game – or lose it on their own terms.

This game features different cataclysmic doomsday events, including towering infernos, thunderstorms, earthquakes, sinkholes, tornadoes, tsunamis, meteors, forest fires as well as the day the sky exploded. You aim to keep your city going through all these events. The power you have comes with significant responsibilities including planning for and responding to disasters using countermeasures, early warning systems and other new responses to emergencies such as evacuations. The game is especially great for natural disaster expansion scenario mode which includes five pre-set scenarios to play with the possibility of changing winning and losing conditions, time limits and more! Above all, this game features its own broadcast network which helps in
spreading emergency alerts and evacuations warnings.

If you think you got what it takes to lead an entire city through doomsday, then, this is the perfect challenge for you!

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