Monday, June 25, 2018

iOS 12: New Features and Review

Did you know that Apple has a new iOS 12? The new feature has massive change and improvement that favours you in a lot of ways. For all iPhone and iPad users be ready to have a good experience in your Apple phones. Will this article take you through step by step on what’s new? What’s the difference? Where to find this features? How do they work?

Is it a standout feature? Is it worth? This is our expectations and whether it will eliminate the bugs. Apple showed how it would onstage that for iOS 12. They were concerned on the performance as VP Craig Federighi pointed out. But there is more to be noted on the iOS 12 features with some additions, changes, and improvements that are very significant. The screen time, group face time, memoji, and the group notifications were also some of the new things you as an Apple iPhone or an iPad user you will see once you install iOS 12. The updated iOS will be accommodated very
well by the devices that received iOS 11. Following are iOS 12 features.

iOS 12 performance

Down the years Apple has been working to see that you as a user enjoy iOS that is faster than ever before making your work easier. This has been particularly o those old iPads and iPhones you might be having and seem too slow when using them. On stage, the VP pointed out that the app was 40 percent faster as tested using an iPhone 6 Plus. The keyboard was highlighted to be faster and the camera too.

The battery life of your Apple smartphone will be prolonged as the device as the device will be working at the highest performance than ever before. Trust me.

iOS 12 notifications

Apple has been receiving complaints from its customers on the notification issue. The new iOS 12 will allow you to freely view or discard notifications popping on your screen using the same app. If you have a group chat the notifications will appear differently from personal notifications, making it easier for you to choose.

iOS 12 demonstrated that now one should not worry why the mute notifications interrupt you when chatting. The new iOS 12 allows you to have a smooth chat and the quiet notifications will no longer appear on the lock screen.

The screen time

The new screen time in iOS 12 will focus on the time spent on using the apps on the device. The feature is found to be breaking this into categories time of usage. The iOS 12 has improved where every app will record on some notifications it’s receiving. The iOS will help you as you observe your weekly usage habits on which app you spent most of your time using.

One can set the limit time and the app will always notify you when time allocated is running out. So to the parents, this is excellent news, as one can supervise his or her child’s behaviour by checking where the child spends most of his or her time doing with the iPhone or an iPad.

The new iOS 12 emoji's

To lovers of emoji's here comes your love in the new iOS 12 with it having an upgrade from iPhone X emoji. The new features include: 
- Tiger
- Tyrannosaurus
- rex
- Ghost
- Koala

The new Animoji in iOS 12 has unusual features that can even detect your facial expressions such as tongue out. One of the most significant advancement in what Apple named it “Memoji” With this the iOS 12 will enable you to create characters similar to you, one can choose the type of clothes, the colour of skin, and kind of hairstyle. There have been similar emoji's like this from various
companies globally, but Apple has made a great one as Memoji is incomparable.

The FaceTime

There before a chat app could not accommodate a conversation of more than two people. With the new iOS 12 features, it will happen with up to 32 members. The group face time will be functional to iOS and macOS. When the conversation begins, the windows of the one speaking will appear more extensive than the rest while you listen. So this is good news for the firm managers as they can call up for a meeting even when people are out of work.

In several instances, you may find you are not in the mood to catch up with your friends. Do not worry the new features in iOS 12 have sorted you. One can use Animoji and Memoji character when the group is facing or during calls. So no one can know your current status if you love keeping it low.

The ARKit framework

Apple has developed new app named “Measure.” One can give a correct measure of items or anything that’s near or around you. No worries at all to but measurement tools as the new iOS 12 offers you the best tool. What one needs to do is to put the object you want to measure in the camera frame, then tap as you drag along the object on the Apple smartphone’s screen.

The app has more capabilities than those of other AR’s. With this one, Apple has made it's more precise than those of third-party apps. In this two users can see the same thing when running the app
using different iPhones or iPads.


The photo app in iOS 12 will offer search suggestions as demonstrated onstage. The new improvements are that the app will be making recommendations on whether to share, which filters to apply and effects. The new features in the photos app done by Apple are to try to see whether it will match those of Google Photos. If you share a picture or a video, you expect back from that friend.

The Siri shortcuts

Apple has confirmed that Siri is the commonly used digital assistant app globally, and the new iOS 12 has seen an upgrade in that app. It records the sounds of something you might want to check on the phone.

Updated apps 

Apple books
The iBooks rebranded as Apple Books. Not only the name but the designer will focus on how you as a user can discover the new titles, chats among others. It is according to Apple on new iOS 12.

Apple news
This app has gotten further improvements with a browse tab introduced to make it easier for you as a user.

Stock feature
For the first time in history that the firm has been serious about improving the iPhones stock app that is inbuilt. It will provide marketers with the current trends in the business world and the stock exchange globally.

Voice record
It’s expected the new iOS 12 will redesign the voice memos app and feature in the iPad. Your recording is available for your smartphones due to the syncing.

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