Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC, Aragami: Shadow edition, and Shape of the world - Upcoming Xbox One games

Are you new to Xbox one gaming world or have you been with us for a while now? This is excellent news for you as we introduce to you the new Xbox one games you are bound to enjoy. We all know the amazing features of Xbox one that keeps us talking about it, ranging from the ability to make your achievements your dashboard wallpaper, continue your Xbox 360 games on your new Xbox one without starting afresh so long you enabled cloud saving on your Xbox 360, stream Xbox One games to your windows 10 pc, use your smartphone as your Xbox keyboard to a whole lot of other jaw-dropping Xbox one features. Easy and amazing, why won't we love Xbox. Every week we talk about new Xbox one games being released to keep all of us that loves Xbox one updated and spread the love.

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC

Another mind-blowing concept by Ubisoft. Ubisoft announced in May of the release of Far cry 5: hours of darkness DLC, to which the first post-launch adventure is expected to be released on the 5th of June. In this first batch of the Downloadable Content (DLC), the players will undergo a time travel back in time. In this event, the players will assume the role of Red Redler the Hope county's Wendell, whose mission is to locate and rescue the members of his squad who were trapped by enemy forces during the Vietnam War. Far cry 5: hours of darkness can be played in solo mode or online co-op. The players of this epic game will find themselves transported to the war zone of Vietnam. They will move from rural Montana to the jungle, where their mission is to defeat the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong. Find their squad mates who have been imprisoned, rescue them and then fight their way back home. Far Cry 5: Hours of darkness for Xbox one will continue with a post-launch DLC, "lost on Mars" and "Dead living Zombies". With this new Xbox one game, the adventure has just begun.

Aragami: Shadow Edition

Aragami: Shadow Edition is an upcoming Xbox one games expected to be released this June. The game is developed by Lince works. This game is a third person action stealth. The players will assume the role of an undead assassin who has the power to manipulate shadows. This undead assassin was summoned from the grave by Yamiko a mysterious spirit. With your powers, you can teleport to any shadow, go invisible, and even be able to summon shadow dragon to help you achieve your aim. While playing Aragami: Shadow Edition, your success is determined by how much you are able to master your powers and use them effectively. This new Xbox game can be played in a co-op mode by up to two players using cross-play between consoles. Coming with the shadow edition is the "Nightfall" expansion. Sit tight and enjoy more with your upcoming Xbox one games.

Shape of the World

From the table of the Hollow Tree Games comes another new and upcoming Xbox one game scheduled for launch on the 6th of this June for Xbox One players. Do you want to see the world transform amazingly? Have you ever imagined what the interaction with everything in your living world would be like? Coming to Xbox one is a game that will give you the adventure you have been seeking, "Shape of the World". The shape of the World portrays the players as a first-person explorer where you have the whole world growing around you. The surreal environment featured in the game keeps on calling you to come and explore. At your own time and pace, you will get the opportunity to interact with the plants, wildlife, water bodies, caves, forests and very many other features of Shape of the World where you just have life and explore without worrying about any ticking time that is running out. This upcoming Xbox one game has just got a way of saying "you cannot escape me". So get ready and gear up for some adventure.

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