Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The WWDC 2018 Apple conference: Expectations

Technology keeps on changing. When the same technology is connected with creativity, fabulous and unusual ideas come to life. That is what will happen this summer we great mind will attend the WWDC 2018. The conference will unveil the future of iOS, MacOS, WatchOS and tvOS operating systems. During the meeting, all roads in San Jose will be heading to San Jose Convention Center. All the events will be reported as soon as they happen. So what do we expect from the conference? Read on to know more about the current rumours.

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Software development and updates

WWDC will be a conference for developers that Apple will use sneak some news and previews for the next iPhone and iPad software updates. Some of the updates that we expect from the event include,

Introduction of iOS 12

Giving out the improvements and upgrades to the current iOS is the primary aim of the upcoming Apple WWDC. The rumours that are spreading state that the next iOS update will major on the performance and reliability of the forthcoming iOS 12. Apple is trying to eliminate the several issues that iOS 11 is facing. For instance, it will help you parents monitor your kid’s phone usage.

The digital health tool will is expected to manage the time that a phone use spends on the phone. The iOS 12 will enhance AR gaming experience. As players, you will get a new mode which will allow playing in a world of augmented reality.

Some rumours state that Apple may introduce NFC so that Apple developers can get advantages like transit fares. Other features like support for multiple users in iPads may be presented. In short, the expected iOS 12 will be a better and a well working version with amazing notifications. 

New improvements in MacOS 10.14

Though the current rumours are not such specific on what to expect, this desktop software will have some improvements. For instance, WWDC conference will give way for iOS apps and Mac integration. Some rumours say that the Apple may take this chance to comfort the name of the upcoming Mac operating system.

Enhancing of watchOS 5

The will be an introduction of stream kit in apple watch though these are unverified rumours but it worth knowing something about it. We expect to expect to see new watch faces that are well themed and fitting as usual. 

Making Siri more useful

Since its introduction and launching in 2011, it has stagnated in a single place for long. With the coming of WWDC, we are expecting something new which will make Siri more useful than its counterparts. According to the spreading rumours, Apple is expected to make Siri useful like Google Assistant by making it compatible with third-party applications and giving answers to clients.

Verging on the tvOS

During the Apple WWDC event, nothing will be left out. In fact, there will be something for everyone who will attend. This time around less privileged tvOS will have its share too. Some new feature is expected to be incorporated into this new software making it useful than before. For instance, there are rumours that the Dolby Atmos for Apple tv that was mention sometimes back will be launched during this Apple event. There may be the introduction of Apple streaming box at this event and more news about the nascent streaming services. 

Launching of new hardware devices

The WWDC 2018 is thought to be talking more about software than hardware, but that does not mean that you cannot expect physical gadgets introduced and announced during this WWDC. Some good thing might appear. For instance, we are hoping the following:

Refreshing of MacBook Pro

One of the gadgets that have been undergoing rough times is the MacBook Pro. Though this model is not such old, it has been experiencing some a lot of complaints about its frequent failure and the presence of delicate keys. The 2018 WWDC is expected to add something new to this gadget thus making it more useful. Rumours state that the upcoming Pro Book will come with an enhanced eighth-generation processor which is well powered by Intel. The processor generation may be high but the least expected is the eighth generation. The RAM of this Apples MacBook Pro is supposed to be increased a bit thus making it quick.

Maybe we may expect MacBook Air upgrades

The MacBook Air is also in the current spreading rumours. Apple is expected to launch a 13 inch MacBook model that will have retina display like the one present in the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. This feature will replace the current outdated and cheaper model that people are buying in the market. The upgrade will come with a nice a slogan of upgrading the air. So don’t worry much if you hear something about Air upgrades. It will be about the new MacBook model. 

Breaking the silence by launching the iPhone SE 2

It has been more than four years since the launching of iPhone 4. During this upcoming WWDC, we are expecting something that will break the long silence. The iPhone SE may come up, and that is what most people are waiting to happen. 

Giving off more information about AirPower

AirPower is a wireless mat that you can use for charging. What it is launching was announced during the introduction of iPhone X and 8, but up to now, there has been no word about it. The Apple product lovers are expecting something about the AirPower.


This year WWDC conference will be carrying much. If you have never benefited from the past meetings, this one will have something for you. There are rumours that even the Mac Mini is likely to be addressed this year. Apple will break its silence of four years and bring something new to the market. We also expect a thing like branded ear headphones from Apple, HomePod and more. In short, the 2018 WWDC will cater for all our needs. If you have time, the San Jose Convention Center has your sitting space.

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