Friday, June 1, 2018

Apple’s Latest Software Update (iOS 11.4), AirPlay 2, and Messages in iCloud

Apple’s operating system (iOS) is used in several Apple devices including smartphones, iPad, and computers. It is about a week before Apple will launch its next flagship software upgrade, iOS 11.4 which will contain unique features that will be in sync with other products that are in the market. However for the time being the latest iOS 11 version is now available in the market for download. This new version has been long overdue as the upgraded iOS 11.4 will be able to offer a totally new feature, the Airplay 2 which was shelved sometime last year. This new upgrade of Apple’s operating system will thus have two important features:

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The iOS will have an additional feature where messages will be synced across all the devices and backed up in the cloud. The messages in the iCloud feature will also work SMS across several devices. The iMessage in iCloud will furthermore use an end to end encryption which will protect data as well as using cloud storage for its messaging archives and attachments.

Airplay 2 is another feature of the iOS 11.4 version. This is a major update on apples wireless audio streaming service which adds multi-room audio as well as dual home pod stereo to iOS devices. The Airplay 2 will be compatible with the Apple TV and also be controlled by other apple devices. This software update was also pushed out to compatible iOS devices in the market with Apple TV getting its own TVOS 11.4 version.

Airplay 2

Apple recently updated its mobile software to iOS 11.4, which included cloud-based features on its messaging platform (iMessage) which solved syncing problems that existed in the past. This release also marked the launch of Apple's wireless audio streaming feature, Airplay 2. which adds a unique feature of multi-room support to the stereo, already the previous version of the airplay allowed music, podcast to be streamed to other iOS devices and additional airplay compatible products.

However this new generation Airplay 2 is a big deal as far as audio streaming is concerned because by pairing it with the home pod it will hence bring Apple's wireless audio system to the levels of parity with those of its competitors like Google Cast and Amazon. These have been the most anticipated features since the launch of WWDC 2017.

It adds multi-room support such that multiple airplay devices from different manufacturers including Amazon’s Alexa and Google wireless device where one can easily play the same type of music using all of these devices in the house. This multi-room supports allows the use of audio through multiple home pods or Apple TVs. One can enlist the services of Siri in order to play your favorite party songs in multiple speakers all over the house.

Stereo sound is another feature from the Airplay 2 because it allows two home pods to play as a stereo pair which improves further the quality of sound in the house.

However, the use of this audio streaming technology is still dependent on the phone device as any blip or loss of charge of the device will automatically lead to the music being stopped. Moreover playing audio through multiple platforms was so limited to the Apple TVs until preliminary testing was conducted on the TV OS 11.4 beta version. The Airplay 2 support system can thus help to solve some of those problems associated with streaming music using iOS devices.

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