Saturday, June 2, 2018

3 New SEO Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic

It is the wish of any business to be ranked highly by search engines when consumers are looking for their goods and services. This is easily said than done. It can take years if not months for your content to be on top of search results. This can be worse if your content is in English. Every day millions turn to search engines to help them get what they want.

It takes efforts and exclusive strategies to be rank highly in search engines. If you work out this well, you will get many visitors to your sites, which will contribute to better sales and profits. In this article, I will share 3 new SEO tips to increase organic website traffic observed in one of the Neil Patel's tutorials.

1. Purchasing properties in your space

You don’t have to take years to rank high on the search engines. It is possible to use simple unorthodox approaches and get yourself up in the ranks. Buying properties in your space is an economical way to get yourself to the top levels, without draining your accounts.

Consider this, many individuals have their content ranked highly by the search engines, but this doesn’t translate into profits. Search for such sites and buy them. Buy the site and keep most of the information. Make it better; it will help you make more backlinks and draw enormous traffic.

This is a practical and straightforward means of rising to the top without investing much. SCO (searchable content optimization) works, but you must be ready to spend many dollars. By adopting this strategy, you can build you monthly viewership by over an extra half a million views. 

2. Target websites and people who market your competitors

This is the second strategy that can help you ascend the search engines ladder in no time. As I have previously revealed, this approach is simple, but their results are enormous. You may have a better product than your competitor, but they are making more sales owing to their aggressive marketing strategies. Look for bloggers who support your competitor's products and services to build up your ranking.

Talk to the bloggers; you can commit to offering better remuneration for them to write articles on what you want consumers to know. Engage them to write similar articles about you and your
competitors. By doing this, you realize that you are getting more traffic to your site and links that will increase your ranking on the search engines.

Let them train people on how to use your product through their blogs. You can offer your products or services for free; if the product is of high quality, you will get more referrals. Let them include links to your site so that their visitors can obtain better knowledge from your website.

3. Try getting search engine rankings in other languages other than English

You will concur with me that getting your content top in the rankings is an arduous task if the content is in English. Then, if it is challenging, why can’t you try achieving this by having your content in other languages like Chinese, Spanish, Germany or Portuguese? In a month or two you will find your site on the top. There is little competition in information that is not in English in the search engines.

Look at where the bulk of your consumers are. Translate your content into their language, in this; you reach them faster since the search engines have little substance in their language. This is the simplest means to build up your traffic is to look at where most significant demand for your goods or services exists; you will be astonished at how this can transform your business.

As you do this, make sure that you build shares on the social media sites for these target clients? Facebook and Twitter shares will help you reach millions. Social media is a natural platform for reaching millions, with less effort. This is true since millions flock to these sites daily; this is the flock that forms your target customers.


These are simple, yet proven ideas that have assisted many businesses to raise their sales and profits. The cost of implementing the strategies is economical compared to the conventional ways of growing sales and SEO rankings. Try out these 3 new SEO tips to increase organic website traffic, and you will thank me later.

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