Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Episode What Players Can Expect

Scheduled for release this month of May on 29th, Sea of Thieves-The Hungering Deep episode is one of Microsoft’s new Xbox One games, which is bound to offer you an incredibly natural, exciting and sometimes terrifying pirate experience. The entire game is based on a pirate fantasy where you are expected to work in collaboration with the other players to plunder different treasures. You are then required to return these treasures to outposts to claim rewards. 

Playing the Game

This game is bound to be one of the most successful among the latest Xbox one games since it allows you to choose how you would like to play. For instance, you can be the captain of your crew, causing devastation to anyone that crosses your path and ultimately increasing your holdings. Alternatively, you could also choose a one-man ship, uncovering bountiful chests all by yourself as you proceed on your adventures, but be having no significant back-up when confronted by any other crew. 

At the beginning of your quest, you will encounter the Bilge Rats, a group that has just heard rumors about what lurks below the sea and upon learning this; you want to seek out by yourself. Whether it is a massive shark or something monstrous, this is only left to speculation. When gaming, you will have to follow a trail of riddles together with rumors to try and piece together what exactly happened to Merry Merrick, the guy with the matching peg legs. 

Online and Offline Option

Sea of Thieves is mostly an online multiplayer service-based game, an aspect that makes it expansive and never-ending with enormous adventures to explore. You virtually get to chose who you want in your crew to collaborate as you venture into new territory and plunder treasures for yourselves. That said, it is still possible to play this game as an individual. Note that if you prefer solo off-line play, you may not be able to click on the game immediately. Even so, it is still possible to love this game as a solo player. You just need some time to get used to it. 

Subsequent Content Updates

Sea of Thieves is expected to have at least 6 major content updates in 2018. “Hungering Deep” is just the first one, and we should expect two more updates this summer, namely: “Cursed Sails,” as well as “Forsaken Shores.”Three other unnamed updates will come later this year. Hungering Deep and subsequent updates are expected to contain at least an AI threat, which is an enemy-type encounter that will create utterly new game-play experiences. Every update will feature new items, cosmetics, adventures and achievements for the pirates to discover. 

Final Verdict 

Overall, this release will be an exceptional multiplayer adventure with outstanding potential. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that it gives you the freedom to craft your own story. It is one of the best new Xbox one games that rely on the chemistry and unpredictability of the players to inject both varieties as well as adventure in the game. If you are skimming around for the best of Xbox one games new releases, then the Sea of Thieves (The Hungering Deep) should not miss on the list. 

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