Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Forgotten Anne, Super Mega Baseball 2, and Battlezone: Gold Edition - Xbox One Games

There will always be something new and exciting for Xbox one games lovers. The developers are continually working hard in research and development to ensure that you still get something new after you get used to the one you have currently. They have been working on some new Xbox one games improving on the ones that are on currently. Here is a review of the latest Xbox one games that you may want to add to your collection. You’re sure to get thrilled with these new developments. As always, Xbox one still has your back.

1. Forgotten Anne

Forgotten Anne is more than a game. It features the detailed artwork that blends seamlessly with the storytelling element. The story revolves around a mystery land in which Anne and his master, Bonk's mission to return to the human world hits a snag. Rebels in the form of “Forgotlings” are determined not to allow Anne and her master to return to earth.

As a player, you will have control of Anne, otherwise known as the enforcer to attack and destroy the rebels to access the ether bridge to earth. The dynamics and the visuals in this game coupled with the storytelling aspect will keep you glued to your game console. It’s not only intriguing but also full of adventure and mystery.

Anne is always faced with obstacles that masquerade as her allies, but which in the real sense are rebels. She has to trust her guts and judgment to determine which of those are rebels and which ones are not. This game is unique in that it never warns you if you are about to do something wrong that would affect your overall performance, it tells you later after you’ve already made your judgment.

Forgotten Anne is just in a league of its own. It will get you glued with its amazing storyline that makes you fill as part of the mission. The characters, though animated are given great personalities with their human voices. This is one game that you just have to try if you love adventure and mystery.

2. Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 is another of the Xbox one games new releases. There have been mixed reactions from different people regarding the quality of this game. While some are happy about the additional features like the online multi-player, others are still stuck in its old version. Both have valid claims, but this game is definitely an improvement of its predecessor according to us.

In addition to the online version and the multiplayer features, this game has better graphics and simpler controls. Newcomers will find it easier to play than the older version. This is particularly good since not all lovers of baseball are adept with gaming controls but would love to experience the thrill of playing this game.

With this new version, you can vary the pitch selection as well as the teams. You can even create your won team including players of your choice. The variety included tries to bring out as much realism as possible. This variation includes having players of different sizes, gender, and shapes as well as stadiums packed with distinctive personalities.

All in all, Super Mega Baseball 2 is an excellent arcade baseball game with great graphics, even though it lacks the depth of the traditional games. It is, however, definitely a fun and easy to play the game that will keep you engaged.

3. Battlezone: Gold Edition

The last in our list of the new Xbox games is Battlezone: Gold Edition. In this game, you’ll get all the features of an old school shooter but with improved controls, graphics and great visuals. It features the main shooter game, previously released tank skins, a classic mode as well as bobbleheads and horns. You get to view the entire shooting area in 3-dimension VR mode. The game has simple controls that are fun and engaging. The scenes are varied giving you a reason to continue playing without the game seems repetitive.

As a player, your primary mission is to take control of different tanks and destroy enemy ships and other obstacles. The game is pre-set in a selection of varying difficulty levels. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the easy levels and progress your way up as you become a pro. The more enemies you destroy avoiding damage of the ship you are manning the more points or rewards you get. You can use these points to buy more weapons or feature to customize your ship and make it more effective. Battlezone: Gold Edition is an ideal game for all arcade tank warfare fans.

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