Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dormi: Best Baby Monitor App For Android

A baby monitor app is a device an android application that helps in keeping track of the baby's progress when you are not around. It creates a sense of security and safety for the little one. This helps in reducing the stress and worries of what your child may be up to when you are not around. The best baby monitor allows you to watch your baby and it becomes easy to notice their breathing pattern.

Dormi is a favourite Android app that provides both video and audio streaming, making it possible to hear and see the baby remotely. It operates over both the cellular networks and WiFi baby monitor. The following features distinguish it from the others:


Connections without the internet: Dormi works well in the areas that do not have any internet connectivity. This makes it more useful in all places including the remote areas. Also, when one is abroad, the roaming charges are well taken care of since it uses WiFi Hotspot and WiFi direct.

Seamless reconnects: If there is a temporary network change or a network outage, automatic connections are reestablished.

Multiple parenting devices: If you enjoy listening to your baby's talks before sleeping, The Dormi baby Monitor App will take care of that even when you are away, all that you need to do is to connect to the single child device simultaneously.

Secure data transfers: Dormi ensures that there is no unintentional or intentional eavesdropping by providing that the data that is exchanged by the devices is well encrypted. Encryption schemes and logarithms used ate well tested before being used.

Intelligent audio

Adaptive voice enhancement: Remarkable and high-quality sound is used which reduces the
data transfer.

Excellent audio detection: There is a no need of fiddling the sensitivity of the microphone when the device is a few meters from the kid. Dormi has been auto adjusted to detect the sound in the best way.

Talk by pushing: When the baby has been crying endlessly, and you want to calm them, press then hold the button "talk" and then talk to the baby.

Push to view/listen: You can listen or view your kid at any moment of the monitoring period. Dormi adjusts the audio automatically and makes the small noises sound very audible.


The low latency: Every android version has made the central video API improvements. To facilitate the movement of the video to the parent's device from the child's device, Dormi is helped by the specific APIAs of the Android version being used to make a better baby monitor camera.

Accelerated hardware: Dormi puts extra efforts in accelerating encoding, video recording and decoding in Android versions. This leads to the minimal battery and CPU usage while recording the videos.

Night vision: A lot of information can be extracted from the sensor of the camera even when place dims a low lit area. It uses an advanced video encoder OpenGL.

Clever notifications

Battery status, texts and calls, data usage, room temperature and connectivity alerts are brought to your attention immediately.

Bottom Line

Low battery usage: Dormi is an ideal baby monitoring app that consumes less than 10% of the battery of the phone. This makes it the best choice when monitoring a sleeping baby. It works better. It also covers more considerable distances and is upgradable.

Dormi is secure, both the video and audio communications are encrypted with version 3.0 (RSA key pair with 4096 is used to do the pairing. It only takes some seconds to generate a pair.)

Dormi App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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