Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How To Lose Weight Fast

You have decided it’s time to shed some pounds but how do you do it optimistically without overdoing it.

The following weight loss tips and tricks will ensure you lose the fat and burn the calories but without the struggle and pain of a regular diet.

Losing weight can lead to a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke as well improving your general well being, so let’s get started.

Food For Weight Loss

Hunger is usually the detriment to losing weight and you usually need an immense amount of willpower not to give up quickly.

A good weight loss diet, as well as a diet plan will ensure that you don't always have an appetite for food, and you lose weight without being hungry. It can also improve your metabolism as well.

Get rid of the carbs - This is essentially sugars and starches. Once you do this your appetite will drop and you will then end up eating less calories, as your body will stop burning carbs and feed of the fat which you have already stored.

Proteins & Vegetables - Every meal you take should have at least one lean piece of protein, fat and some vegetables.

This will lower your carb intake into the daily recommendation of around 20 - 50 grams.

Food sources to achieve this include lean meats such as chicken and turkey, fish, seafood and eggs.

Low carb vegetables - Broccoli, kale, cabbage and swiss chard as well as many others.

Fat - Olive oil, butter and coconut oil.

Remember to eat lots of low carbs and don't attempt to do low carb and low fat at the same time as this can lead to failure.

Also high fiber diets can reduce appetite and the need for late snacks.

3 - 4 meals a day this way are advised around a solid diet plan.

Exercise for Weight Loss

With the above advice on weight loss foods, you don’t have to do weight loss exercises, although it is advised that you do so.

Going to the gym around 3 times a week is the recommended option and then lifting some small weights.

Before attempting to lift any weights it's important to warm up first.

Don’t be intimidated by going to the gym, if it’s your first time they will normally have someone who can advise you.

Doing some simple weight lifting is a fast way to burn calories and it can also stop your metabolism from going too slow which can happen during a weight loss diet.

Experts have recently said that while being on a low carb diet you can add quantities of muscle and still burn fat.

If you want to completely rule out lifting weights then cycling, running, swimming and other cardio workouts will also work.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Can you lose weight with yoga ?

Yoga can have an impact on weight loss but not in the way that exercise would, as you would normally lose weight when your calorie intake is reduced and you expend more energy.

When practising yoga you burn a lot fewer calories than with traditional exercise, although yoga exercise can be very good for your mind and mental well being and thus you are likely to be more inclined to eat healthy which will lead to
weight loss.

As well as that most people usually eat more when they are stressed and yoga can be a great stress reliever.


Keeping track of diet plans and what you eat can in the beginning seem like hard work, however by following the simple but highly effective low carb diet above you can easily burn fat and lose weight without the pain.

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