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How To Get Pregnant

Once you have decided that you want to get pregnant, you will normally want this to happen quickly.

You might also believe that pregnancy will happen fast, just stop taking contraception and that’s it pregnant, well the truth is that it does not always happen that way.

For some, yes it can happen within a month or so, but for most it can be a lot longer.

The reality is that getting pregnant is not as easy as you might think.

Take a young couple for example, with no health or fertility issues at the peak of the fertility cycle, having sex at the right time, the chances of them getting pregnant are about 25%.

Simply put if you and your partner are healthy and doing all the right things your chances of conceiving are about 1 in 4 however with the following pregnancy tips it may happen a lot faster.

It’s All About Timing

Inside of a month there are 6 days when a woman can conceive, that is the five days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation itself.

At this time you can have sex everyday or every other day, whatever feels best for you although experts do advise that every other day is best as it allows the sperm to build up, as sperm can survive for up to 7 days.

When Are You Most Fertile

Ovulation will occur 14 days before you start your period and when this happens it’s important to remember that the egg will only be good for a day, so anytime after this and you have missed your opportunity to get pregnant at the optimum time.

There are lots of apps and ovulation calculators that help you to know when you are ovulating, although it is not advised to totally rely these.

You can use your body’s own signs, but don't get consumed by this as its important that you are relaxed when trying to get pregnant.

Keeping an ovulation calendar can also greatly help.

Sex Positions That Can Help

There is actually no scientific research to confirm that certain sex positions will get you pregnant.

What you can however do, is have sex in positions that allow for deeper penetration, the two best positions for this are missionary and doggy style, that is the woman on all fours.

Having sex in these positions gives the sperm a better chance of getting nearer to the cervix which is the opening of the womb.

Also if you are having sex in the missionary position you can put a pillow underneath to raise your hips so you don’t lose any sperm, it is also advised to stay in that position for 20 mins after

Avoid standing up positions or walking around immediately after sex as you are likely to lose sperm if you do.

Healthy Sperm To Boost Pregnancy

Inside of a man's testicles it takes around about 75 days for a germ cell to become a mature sperm cell.

While this is happening the sperm will need lots of nutrients to keep it healthy as well as the right temperature being important.

To help with this there are many things a man can do to keep sperm healthy and in peak performance.

Weight - If your partner is over or even under weight this can have a negative impact on sperm as well as it affecting libido.

Folic Acid - Although normally recommend for women, it is also good for men to have folic acid in their diet.

This will reduce the chances of abnormal chromosomes in the sperm which can lead to miscarriage.

Foods that contain folic acid include pasta, greens and grains.

Alcohol & Smoking - Consuming alcohol and smoking have been shown to lower sperm as well as causing sperm to move more slowly.

Check Up - It is important to have a check up with your doctor to ensure your body is in good shape prior to attempting to conceive.

The doctor will also be able to advise if any current medication will impact conception.

Coffee - Studies have shown that males with a high caffeine diet suffer a reduction in sperm count.

Stay Cool - Sperm needs the correct temperature for good sperm production. Overheating testicles by using steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs is not recommended.

Foods That Can Help You Get Pregnant

There is course lots of advice on what to eat and what not to eat to improve your chances of being fertile, the bottom line is a healthy nutritious balanced diet is essential.

Let's take a look at some foods that are recommended by experts.

Beans - Studies have shown that women consuming higher amounts of animal protein compared to plant protein were a lot less fertile. To up your intake of plant protein garbanzo beans are highly recommended, otherwise tofu as well as

Cheese - Yes that’s right, dairy is good for conceiving, that includes ice cream, yoghurt and cheese. This is because dairy leads to strong bones and excellent reproductive health.

All low fat of course.

Animal Protein - A balanced amount of lean animal protein is recommended as this type of food contains iron which can significantly boost your fertility rate. Iron deficient women have a much lower chance of being

Remember not to over do it, as too much animal protein can reduce fertility.

Fatty Acids - Omega 3 fatty acids are excellent for boosting fertility, this includes salmon and herring.

Some foods to avoid include;
  • Tuna 
  • Sushi 
  • Processed foods
  • Coffee

Pregnancy Testing

When trying to get pregnant it can be agony wondering if you have succeeded or not.

Once you get those pregnancy symptoms you can of course use a home testing kit to test any time you like, but if you are wondering when is the best time to do so to avoid unnecessary disappointment, it is recommended to test 12 - 14 days after ovulation.

While implantation of the egg can occur sooner than that, the hormone which is produced that the pregnancy test kit picks up, does not get produced before this timeframe.

That is why you may have signs of pregnancy but a kit showing negative.

It is also recommended to test every 2 days as the hormone may initially not be strong enough for a positive test.

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