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Grammarly Review: The Best Grammar Checker

How much do people need Grammar Checker Apps?

In the early ages, the English language was not even on the radar of being the world’s most functional language. The Latin and Spanish languages and dialects have been the most important modes of verbal communication for the society. However, with the great ripple effects that the historical wars (mainly World War I and World War II) have caused, the growing need for a more stabilised universal language called for the English language to step up a notch. Although established universally over so many decades, the writing has been both misused and overused by a lot of people. This “universal” problem could be traced to language users’ inaccurate and inadequate grasp of the English grammar and syntax.

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But with the rampant innovations produced by technology, language users have been treated to an abundance of online grammar and writing classes that could potentially enhance their macro language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). These macro skills are the most important facets of the language, and grammar is the one unifying and common element among the four areas. Without a coherent and robust foundation of the grammatical rules and exemptions, an English language user would find I very difficult to exhibit fluency and proficiency.

However, recent grammar help evolutions paved the way for automated grammar checker applications---easily becoming substitutes for human tutors and teachers. Despite the maximum potentials and the natural work that it brings to the table, only a few applications of its kind have succeeded---and Grammarly is one of those.

What does Grammarly do?

Grammarly does more than check and identifies the errors it finds in your essay or article. The category “Grammar Checker” could be an understatement of its essential functions. It is a free application, but the paid premium version of it overwhelms the former regarding features and worth. As professional human proofreading could still be assumed as the best version of text editing,  Grammarly takes on the more accessible award with competent services and features that can eventually come close to matching the depths of human proofreading.

The application completes a rigid check-up of the basic grammar and syntax areas like sentence patterns, punctuations, spelling, and form. Before all of these steps that Grammarly will undertake, it will also ask you about the document type that you have written or based your text upon. Through this precious initial step, the application will know what the relevant and important grammar errors that it will give an utmost priority on are. As an additional feature, it will also provide you with related ideas and suggestion to help enhance the content of your write-up.

Furthermore, the application boasts a natural access feature as it can just be downloaded as your browser’s extension or a plug-in in Microsoft Office. It can also be utilised as a dashboard in the
online platform, a feature very much similar to Google Docs. As a Microsoft Word plug-in, the application will also underline your grammatical errors. But the line that distinguishes Grammarly from MS Word is that it will also give you explanations and possible solutions to your write-up mistakes. In the online dashboard, you can start up the process by just opening a new document and start typing, or you can also just do the “copy-paste” process and just wait for the analysis.

What makes Grammarly the best grammar checker application?

Among a vast array of grammar checkers made available through the online platforms, users have been very cautious and sceptical because of some applications that proved to be just “online scams”. However, Grammarly has already shown that it is beyond that description as evident in the reviews and feedback that it has garnered due to its premium and high-quality service.

One of the primary reasons that prove the uniqueness of Grammarly is that it is not just a grammar checker application. Though branded as such, it is an overwhelming understatement to say that Grammarly only checks your document for errors and then leaves the table.

The following features of the Grammarly app prove this point:
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Customized checker for every document type
  • Detailed reports
  • Suggestions for optimum writing
As a significant additional feature, the application takes pride in its integration of a plagiarism checker, a much-needed element of writing in this modern technologized society. Because access to information has been made more accessible and more available to the public, most people, mainly students have grown fond of getting ideas and statements from the Internet. Little do they know that they are already breaching copyrights and patents due to improper and inaccurate referencing, paraphrasing, and rephrasing. This inevitable and pressing violation of original works has prompted academes and offices to have stricter and more in-depth looks and analysis on every submitted write-up. As a result, students and employees have been clamouring for plagiarism checkers online, and Grammarly steps up to provide that service. By counter checking your document to an estimated 16 billion web pages, the application makes sure that your document is plagiarism-free.

Furthermore, the application also ensures that its service is customised for the specific needs and goals of the client. Grammarly’s intellectual capacity is second to none as it knows almost more than 30 various types of write-ups in the academe or in the corporate world. Because of this incredible element in their service, the clients are assured that the priority of the proofreading process will always be on the category of the document. Through detailed reports on grammatical mistakes and errors like spelling mistakes, repetition of diction, typographical errors, misplacing and absence of punctuations, lengthy sentences, misuse of the passive voice, and dangling modifiers among many others, Grammarly takes online automated proofreading to even greater heights.

Most often than not, people’s short handle of the English language proficiency is an effect of their weak grasp of the fundamentals and fundamental laws of the language’s grammatical rules and structure. Grammarly effectively addresses these concerns and makes the writer conscious of the little details that constitute their bad habits in writing texts.

Is Grammarly worth the price of admission?

This is a resounding yes for two types of people: the first being the writers who put their life on the writing profession, and second is those language users who are beginning to learn the ropes of the English language. If you are really keen on improving the structure of your text, and you need someone to do it fast for you, then Grammarly should be your friend. It may not be as similar to an intensive check provided by a human proofreader, but it more than suffices for core and basic text editing and proofreading.

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