Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10 Xbox One X Games you want to get your hands on

The Xbox One X is a great console that has every gaming fan excited. Its design is slick and attractive, and the visuals are brought to you in 4K. While all your Xbox One games will just work correctly on the new Xbox One X, the games and accessories will also be released in exclusive versions for the latest console. We’ll take a look at 10 games you will want to play.

We love Xbox One games

Of course the console matters, it needs to look great and work like nothing else, but in the end, it is all about the games. For instance, if you’re into shooters, there is just no better console than Xbox One X. There is more, though. We’ve lined up some great games that you want to get your hands on with your Xbox One X.

1. Battlefield 1

The graphics of this game are just mouthwatering. This is one of those games you just need to play in 4K. The storyline set in WW1 is shocking, enthralling and might just leave you shellshocked for a few minutes. Buy now at

2. Tom Clancy's The Division

A deadly virus, a seemingly desolate New York City and a whole load of missions to complete. The Division is an original and well worth playing over and over again. Let’s shoot some bad guys. Buy now at

3. Rock Band 4 Wireless Guitar Bundle

For all who are more or less musically inclined. Over 1,500 songs to master and ample opportunity to get your freestyle skills up to snuff. Then move your band from the garage to the stage to really rock out. Buy now at

4. Official Batman: Arkham Knight

You’re Batman, which is incredible. Apart from that significant pro, this game brings Gotham to life like nothing else. Also, you’ll get to drive the Batmobile with just a light click on the button. Buy now at

5. Official Destiny

This game knows how to please the eyes. The visuals give this sci-fi game depth and a great ambiance. The characters are multi-layered, and their journey and development are exciting. Buy now at

6. Gears of War 4

Sometimes you just need to slay some aliens. No worries, Gears of War 4 provides. Get your fully automatic ready. The characters are also noteworthy, gotta love Marcus Fenix. Buy now at

7. Life is Strange

Is killing stuff just not your thing? Get your hands on Life if Strange. Step into the world of Max, an 18-year old girl who can play around with time. But what are the consequences? Great character, excellent ambiance. Buy now at

8. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs. Zombies is just classic. It’s gotten all kinds of non-gamers gaming. With Garden Warfare 2 the game has matured with a complete universe. Bigger, Badder, bigger indeed. Buy now at

9. Fortnite

This game is about building and shooting. What makes this game really special are the vibrant colors. Are you getting bored with all the greys and browns in most games? This might just be the breath of fresh air you needed. Buy now at

10. Titanfall 2

An excellent single - or multiplayer game with a great campaign. Find your guru and get trained to complete the campaign. The mechanics of this game are one of a kind, moving was never this easy. Buy now at

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